Paul Dorrell Photography: The life of a photographer is not always so glamorous!!

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Sometimes you get strange calls. Earlier in the year I got a call to book a portrait session for some cows. That’s probably taking Pet Portraits to the extreme, but I knew the client and understood the importance of these animals. Paul Hannon is very successful in the field of showing cattle and this was for him. So on the day of the judging I went to the fields and set up awaiting the herd to be introduced before me. I found a high vantage point on a large rock to capture the herd in full. I was also asked to bring the name of the herd into one shot. Using the hat provided I endeavoured to shoot from a low angle. Finding a space between 2 grazing cattle and having carefully checking the ground for ‘debris’ I set about getting my shot. I was happy with what I got, as was Paul with the whole shoot. A while back I was presented with a photo taken on Pauls phone of me in action so I decided to share this along with the final shot I took. Fashion shoots in the Bahamas? Who needs it!!

Oh, and Paul was successful in his bid and won Fresian herd of the year, for the 3rd time.