Great Limerick Run | Paul Dorrell Photography

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On Sunday 4th May the Great Limerick Run took place around the centre and environs of the city.  In the past 2 years I have done the Half Marathon.  However, this year an enquiry from Titan Marketing in Dublin came in looking for a photographer to cover the team of 100 or so runners from Eircom taking part across the 3 events.  So that became my role on the day.

Starting in the morning as the runners gathered in the Absolute Hotel to pick up their race numbers I spent the day following and capturing as many of the participants as possible.

Having left the half marathon group at the start, a quick trot (quick I say, but laden with a camera, monopod and rucksack, I was not as fleet of foot as I would have liked) down past the barracks saw me in place to capture the runners shortly after the start. Job done there, a short walk over to O’Connell Avenue I was in place to applaud the marathon runners as they came past and then capture the half marathon after their trip out to Raheen and back.

As the 6 Milers started to gather at their start I headed back down to capture a group photo. Tricky amongst the gathering thousands but I did find one small group in their standout Orange Eircom tops.  As I left them I saw ‘the boss’ and her running partner passing the end of Hartstonge Street.  The earlier orders to “get as many shots of the boss as you can” rang in my ears. If I missed her here then the finish was my only opportunity.  So with rucksack tightened and camera gripped tightly I set off.  Catching up down Henry Street I stopped for a quick shot as they were the only 2 runners in the street.  A final quick dash and down the the quays I got ahead for a few shots before they looped around the old Dunnes to go over Sarsfield Bridge. A few more shots here.  Mission accomplished!

A quick glance to the left and a flash of Orange on Sarsfield Bridge was the start of the half marathon entrants coming home.  Off to the finish to start seeing them home.  A crew pass saw me onto the finish line itself.  Stewards kept us back beyond a run line.  “Its so you don’t block the video” we were told.  Fair enough. Added bonus to be out of range of those who sprinted there last bit and lost their breakfast!!

As the numbers of finishers swelled I moved down before the finish line to allow easier capture of my Orange targets.  Why the majority decided to run on the far side of the road where my view was obscured by the their fellow finishers I don’t know, but it added to the challenge and fun.

With the last Eircom employee safely home, I headed back to the hotel for a quick cuppa before the ‘Prize giving’ ceremony for the runners.

A great day.  Challenging in trying to cover so much and to spot the 100 Eircom shirts amongst the thousands.  Fun to be part of the event and breathe in the atmosphere at the finish far longer than of you are a runner.  And a great bunch of photos for the customer to cap it off.